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good morning. breaking news, two passenger jets collide while taxiing for takeoff at boston international airport. the plane badly damaged. hundreds of passengers rattled. this morning, we'll hear from some of them. she's out. the embattled head of the newspapers in that phoneacking scandal resigns overnight as rupert murdoch speaks out about what he says are title lies about his company. and the event, they blocked off the road gathered to see all these things chris brown, off the road gathered to see all these things chris brown, friday, july 15th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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oh, my goodness. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. we've got to go right to what's happening outside our side you. a crowd of an estimated 12,000 people at least have gathered. and al roker is smack in the middle of it. >> actually, ann, we've got up over on top of it, the new york city police department for the first time in my memory for our concert series has closed off 48th street from vehicular traffic and they closed off 49th street, our biggest concert crowd ever. 12,000 people. you can see there the intersection of rockefeller center and 49th street is now closed off. it is completely filled with people. folks have been camping out for
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this concert since wednesday. overnight, the line stretched on 5th avenue all of the way to 51st street for chris brown. people have been waiting for this concert to see this young man who is on the top of the charts and really just ready for a big, big concert. matt? >> i tell you, al, this represents this morning, the motorcade had to actually move these people out of the way. anyway, we'll get back to you in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, there has been a major development in the ongoing budget negotiations. president obama suspended the talks for the today. we'll tell you why and we'll talk to one of the senators who has been inside the negotiating room all week long. >> that's right. and also casey anthony is going to be released this sunday. and -- from prison. authorities are becoming increasingly concerned for her safety and we're live at the jail this morning with details on that story.
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remember the photo we showed you earlier this week of that massive 18-foot long crocodile, the saltwater croc? a lot of people thought this was a doctor'd photograph. you can believe it's real. we went in search of that beast and we found him. let's begin with that breaking news over night in boston where two delta planes collided. nbc's tom costello covers aviation for us in washington. good morning. >> delta flight 226 heading to europe and delta regional jet atlantic southeast flight headed to raleigh, durham, north carolina. neither plane ended up going anywhere last night. passengers aboard two planes got quite a jolt thursday evening when their jets collided on the tarmac. >> it looked awfully close. it just clipped it. the tip of the wing just sheered right off. >> reporter: the larger jet, a delta boeing 767, bound for amsterdam, was preparing to take off when it struck a commuter
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jet, slicing through its tail and alarming passengers. >> the whole plane jostled. so we rocked side to side. >> a really big shock. >> reporter: the commuter jet heading to north carolina suffered major damage to the tail and horizontal stabilizer and the collision came for a rude awakening for one of its passengers. >> i was half asleep. the next thing you know there was a bang. we all wondered what happened. the pilot came on and said we were clipped by the plane behind us. >> did he hit you with the tail with his wing? >> absly, he did. >> reporter: a similar accident happened in april when a large air fans a-380 hit the tail of a much smaller jet giving it a dramatic spin. an investigation is under way to determine what caused this delta flight to ram into the jet in boston. but for now, passengers are praising delta staffers for their response to the incident. >> i think they responded pretty well. they told us, everybody remain
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calm and they'll have somebody come out and take care of us quickly. nobody was hurt. mostly everybody was fine. >> 215 people on board the amsterdam bound flight. 77 on that smaller jet. one passenger on the smaller jet reported some neck pain. other than that, no injuries. the ntsb is investigating. they have collected both black boxes. back to you. >> tom costello in washington. five minutes after the hour. here's ann. >> matt, thanks. we're following also breaking news in london as well this morning where the iembattled chief executive of rupert murdoch's newspaper resigned after days of pressure over that phone hacking scandal. we go to nbc's stephanie goss in london with the latest on this story. good morning. >> good morning, ann. well, rebecca brooks wrote a letter to her staff and reiterates her apology. she goes on to admit that she's become a focal point in this crisis and potential distraction
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from news international's efforts to fix the problems of the past. from the moment this scandal broke rebecca brooks has been a lightning rod. the editor of the "news of the wor world" when the most damaging we allegation of phone hacking took place. >> james miller and rebecca brooks can deny knowledge but they can't deny responsibility. >> reporter: in 2002 reporters for the paper are accused of hacking voice mail, a 13-year-old murder victim. brook shut down the paper last sunday firing hundreds but her offer to resign last week was declined by news corp. today the company accepted. meanwhile, brooks' former boss, rupert murdoch, has gone on the defensive choosing to talk to one of his own papers if in an interview with the "wall street journal," he said the damage done to news corp's reputation are irresist viable. murdoch pledged to investigate

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